You already bring people together, girl. The Felt Sense Party brings the catalyst for conversation, the spark of play, a platform for connection and adventure.

The private party experience gives you the chance to personalize your evening and have an exclusive guest list. The Felt Sense Party is social and environmental - we gather, we ground, we interact with multi-media fantasy, we giggle and sex-talk with friends. We weave erotic content to create an evening of focused fun, conversation, storytelling and entertainment. 

Private events are hosted by our founder who facilitates your experience and will create unique art objects (read: props, not dildos.) for your group depending on your requests. 

This is the perfect to start off your best feminist bachelorette, to spice up your women's retreat, in celebration of a banner birthday or anniversary. The curated portion is approximately 90 minutes in length then... well... the night is yours.



Private parties include a host from The Felt Sense to provide logistical support, set up and guidance through the experience. 

Private parties can be hosted in almost any event space. Ideal private party size is between 10 - 40 people. All event logistics are managed by The Felt Sense in coordination with you.

Pricing depends on your location, anticipated number of guests and food and beverage arrangements.


Interested in throwing a private Felt Sense party? Drop us a line below.

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