Pleasure & Personality

a group coaching experience.


this is a journey of discovery, joy, and creativity.

Group coaching supplies you with a ton of content while connecting you with other badass folks discovering and learning. Together - this 6 week journey will transform your way in the world to focus on: a more malleable and healthy nervous system, a higher degree of curiosity, and deeper connection with pleasure in a broad sense in your life.

Invest 6 weeks in you.

YOU WILL GAIN - Insight into your personality on a deep-action-oriented level.

YOU WILL SPARK connection to self, drive, gratitude, joy and FUN.

YOU WILL RAPIDLY SHED unwanted attachments to that which drains you.

YOU WILL PLAY with the best, most alive version of you - while this content isn’t sensuality exclusive - you will be safe to explore what risk means to you.

GROUP 1 meets Monday noon - 1pm PST, Group 2 meets 3pm - 4pm PST

Curriculum includes training and exploration of the Enneagram map, weekly group coach sessions, weekly resources, and an individual coaching session with me. Sessions are a combination of zoom or in-person depending on your location.

Total investment: $275

April 11 - May 23 - FULL

July 8 - August 16 - Summer RESET!

September 9 - October 18


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