We are fully felt.

The felt sense was born to support more aliveness in the world. Accessing our feeling body as a way to unlock authenticity, excitement, connection and pleasure - and, yes, Love.

I create erotic audioscapes and host storytelling events + women’s circles. I teach emotional and spiritual intelligence using the enneagram map. I believe sensuality and creativity are intertwined.


authenticity is my jam.

I have been supporting humans my whole life. I ask questions. I challenge people's assumptions. I help people grow. I provide guidance that ‘clicks’ and unlocks people.

The Felt Sense was born out of determination, guts, an obsession with story, a desire to create art that moves people, and simply a love of people. I hope this fusion of smarts and sass helps you access something magical inside yourself.

About me:

Rachel Sample is an artist, a teacher, an inspiration ninja, a doula, a contrarian, a virgo, and a guide. Her friends not-so-lovingly call her “the hot spear of truth” - which hurts so good. She uses her BFA in theatre making, a grad diploma in education, her certification as a doula and as an enneagram coach to create guided experiences for people who want to up-level in life.