The enneagram map is a system for understanding yourself in a deeper way. it unlocks your natural way of seeing the world, and illuminates the strengths and limits of your ego structure. By using the enneagram map, you’re invited to love more deeply - yourself, your family, your work and the choices you make.

The system is based in each of our pervasive point of view - and why that serves you. It is not a behavior-based typology, rather it shares deep keys to understanding our lens on the way the world works. The enneagram organizes around where your attention goes.

enneagram map

9 Core Enneagram Types.

1  Idealist:  attention to error and standards. 
2  Connector:  attention to need and connecting.    
3  Performer:  attention to tasks.
4  Romantic:  attention to what is missing.
5  Observer:  attention to conserving energy.
6  Loyal Skeptic:  attention to worst cases.
7  Epicure:  attention to options and freedom.
8  Protector:  attention to force and injustice.
9  Mediator:  attention to comfort, harmony, union.