I see things in you.

I support your growth, and guide you creatively, spiritually and practically. My gift is seeing synergies, frame-changing, and uncovering masks in your process to dissolve. I use my experience to support and see your highest self in the most pro-active and practical way.

I have supported new moms re-entering the workforce, couples who are seeking to consciously uncouple, folks experiencing a “dark night of the soul” and purpose driven entrepreneurs.

This is whole-self coaching.

What does this look like? Talking, mostly! Insight, perspective and care. Each session take a different shape depending on what you wish to work on. You can join me for a group coaching session or a one-on-one.

_With Rachel's wisdom, you'll emerge better able to hold your beauty, contradictions, and imperfections with a lot more comp (1).png

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