The Felt Sense was born while being man-splained female sexuality by my Hood to Coast van mate in 2016. Ain't no man was gonna tell me what "all women want" - hopelessly offended by even the notion that "all women" want the same thing. I set out on my purpose journey: to support, enable, and inspire people through the lens of sex, pleasure, healthy interconnected relationships and fun. I believe it's not only important, but essential, to grow into our best selves. This business creates an environment of healthy accessible play to lift the 'taboo' from a powerful way to connect, to be seen, to value each other, and to love.  This is important for our selves, our relationships, our communities, and our planet.





We believe in the power of love, touch and connection. We believe pleasure is our birthright and self love is a revolutionary act. Consensual sex and sex-play with yourself and others brings us closer to our connection to joy, our humanity, and the earth. We believe our bodies are built to experience pleasure. That pleasure in and of itself is necessary to a joyful, free and full life. We believe that sex, sex-play, and sex-talk all lead to sexual wellness which is a cornerstone of physical, emotional and psychological well being.

Pleasure isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. It brings us home to the present, to each other, and most importantly to ourselves. It heals, it liberates, it brings joy.

The Felt Sense strives to bring tantilizing experiences of discovery, pleasure and sensuality in a subtle way that honors our holistic selves in a fun, safe, accessible environment.