In my experience, authenticity unlocks people.

I think pleasure is important, healthy and fun. Sex is pretty boss. The human body is magic. And, consensual play connects us, heals us, and enhances our lives. And, not just our SEX-life but our LIFE-LIFE. I think it's time to tell different stories about our sexual selves - because they are the stories about our whole selves.

The Felt Sense was born while being man-splained female sexuality by my Hood to Coast van mate in 2016. Ain't no man gonna tell me what "all women want" - hopelessly offended by even the notion that "all women" want the same thing. But, it sparked something in me. It sparked questions about missing voices and of untold stories.

I have been supporting human evolution thru art and education my whole career. I ask questions. I challenge people's assumptions. I help people grow.

Can we make space for more authentic and empowering narratives about pleasure? Can we invite more connection and play into our lives? Can we adjust the environment of the erotic toward more self-loving imagination stimulation? Can we have more fun getting more connected to what matters most in ourselves and with our loved ones?  These are the questions that fuel me and that fuel The Felt Sense.

About me:

Rachel Sample hold a BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and a Graduate Diploma of Education from Queensland University of Technology. She's an artist, an educator, a leadership coach and a humanist. As an artist - Rachel has produced, directed, co-created, written, choreographed, managed and even driven a tour bus full of puppets. As an educator - Rachel has created conferences, run learning academies, taught young philanthropists, and coached entrepreneurs.