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claim your sexual story

Claim your sexual Story

Approachable erotic environments

for lovers of subtlety.



Pleasure isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. 



you be you.

Alive. Authentic. fierce. important. creative. fun. sensual. carefree. seen. respected. powerful. feminine. masculine. caring. giving. received. bold. free. joy. connected. capable. committed. accepted. turned on. loving. shameless.

We are So within your comfort zone:

The Felt Sense is designed to engage you in the subtlety of flirtation and anticipation. We create party environments, we create delish date night experiences, we create a forum for sexy creativity. 

You're invited to the experience. You're invited to play.  Join our mailing list for upcoming events. 

Well. I’m probably not loving myself like I should, but I’m really trying.
— Chaka Khan

Download Episode 1: Vacation Mode