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claim your sexual story

Portland, Oregon

feel more

Alive. yourself. fierce. important. creative. fun. sensual. carefree. seen. respected. powerful. feminine. masculine. caring. giving. received. bold. free. joy. connected. capable. committed. accepted. turned on. loving. shameless.

like you.



Pleasure isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Pleasure brings us home to the present, to each other, and most importantly to ourselves.

It heals, it liberates, it brings joy.

At the Felt Sense we create an environment of healthy accessible play. We lift the 'taboo' from play and sex to more deeply engage in a powerful way to connect, to be seen, to value each other, and to love.



you be you.

(that's pretty extraordinary.)

We are So within your comfort zone:

The party is designed to engage you in the subtlety of flirtation and anticipation. You interact, at your leisure with sexy multimedia art tailored to be sweet, fun, and titillating. We create a safe and playful space to be your most alive. Come discover the subtlety of pleasure with interactive sculpture, sound, conversation, laughter and music. This is choose your own adventure time, and you are in the drivers seat.

the Party:

we invite you to experience yourself.

we invite your wholeness. the nerves, the steel, the sass.

we invite you to enjoy.

we invite you to play - without being on display.

Who’s invited?

You, sexy lady.

Your besties. Your love. Your lover. Your crush. Your mom. Your sister. People who are the guaranteed good time. The fun time. The carefree time.

What’s not invited?

Non consensual sexualization of any kind. Yes, that means all forms of non-agreed upon sexualization - staring, soliciting, dancing, touching and beyond are not tolerated at The Felt Sense. 

There is no touching. There are no actors. There is no audience participation.